Is the bone china tableware very light to hold?

Britain invented bone china tableware for eight centuries. After several world developments, it has become one of the most unique porcelain species in the world. Bone china tableware is undoubtedly very suitable to decorate the wedding table, because the bones are hard and smooth texture, matched with pure, faithful and romantic marriage. Since more than one-third of the ashes of herbivores are added to the clay, bone china is named after its special exhibit hardness and translucent porcelain. With the unique firing process, more impurities in the clay are eliminated, resulting in a whiter bone china, delicate, transparent, lighter, less flawed, and thinner than porcelain, in a special clean visual

sense . In addition, the bones are also very hard. In the four bone china tea coasters of Rolls-Royce wheels, these four crystal cups support the weight that the RV can escape!
Natural creamy white bone china is usually used in Western wedding tableware. It is a unique natural feeling of natural bone, coupled with exquisite flower and bird painted porcelain or unique curve texture, it is always an exceptionally beautiful table. Once the bone china tableware and light-colored or plain flower tablecloths, the pure and romantic candlelight of the table flowers are tinged with traces, they appear from the table as light tones, elegant lines and exquisite taste. This is a kind of indifferent and elegant, precious, like traditional marriage itself, under normal circumstances, it needs careful management and prosperity.

The texture of bone china is high-quality. Compared with ordinary traditional porcelain, bone china has good light transmittance, and can present elegant, bright and clean texture like jade. In addition, bone china has the characteristics of high plasticity, can make the glaze color smooth, colorfully painted, and hard and durable. Main supplies: a set of bone china tableware, bone china mugs; suitable for the crowd: a set of bone china tableware is most suitable for family and friends reunion, the whole family has a drink, and can also be used as gifts for the wedding and housewarming of relatives and friends; market price: a set of bone china tableware is High-end tableware generally has a higher price.
Tableware with metal patterns, such as gold edging, silver edging, etc., cannot be placed in the microwave; it does not matter in the steamer.

Post time: Dec-10-2020

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