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  • Is the bone china tableware very light to hold?

    Britain invented bone china tableware for eight centuries. After several world developments, it has become one of the most unique porcelain species in the world. Bone china tableware is undoubtedly very suitable to decorate the wedding table, because the bones are hard and smooth texture, matched...
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  • Which is better, white porcelain or new bone porcelain, let me introduce?

    Porcelain tableware is the most common tableware in daily tableware. According to the raw materials, porcelain tableware is divided into white porcelain tableware, bone porcelain tableware, and shell porcelain tableware. Among them, bone china tableware is more popular.   Bone china was orig...
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  • What is the difference between ceramics and bone china?

    1. Maintenance of ceramics 1. Household detergent can be used for daily cleaning. 2. Add a little ammonia with soap or use a mixture of the same amount of linseed and turpentine first, which will have stronger decontamination and can make the tiles more shiny. 3. If you spill strong dyeing liquid...
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