Which is better, white porcelain or new bone porcelain, let me introduce?

Porcelain tableware is the most common tableware in daily tableware. According to the raw materials, porcelain tableware is divided into white porcelain tableware, bone porcelain tableware, and shell porcelain tableware. Among them, bone china tableware is more popular.

Bone china was originally called bone china, but people felt that the word “ash” was not “elegant”, so they changed its name to bone china, or bone china for short. Bone china contains more than 40% of the ashes of herbivores and is an environmentally friendly green consumer product. Compared with ordinary ceramics, the unique firing process and the content of bone carbon make bone china appear whiter, delicate, transparent, and lightweight. When buying bone china tableware, you can distinguish it by the following three methods.
One, hope. The color of bone china: bone china itself is a natural creamy white due to the bone powder, which is a bit yellowish in popular words. This feature cannot be imitated by any other porcelain.

The most important types of porcelain on the market now, such as white porcelain, shell porcelain, and pearl porcelain are all pure white. We can describe the pure white as blue-white; secondly, they are all bone china, but from The degree of yellowing can tell the bone powder content of the bone china itself. For bone china, the content of bone powder is an important technical index to distinguish the grade of bone china. The more bone powder, the more high-grade bone china, and the more the color of bone china tends to be milky white. On the contrary, if the bone meal content is low, the yellowness of bone china itself is very obvious.

Second, smell. The sound of bone china: Because of its production, there is an important external feature of bone china, which is the sound made when the bone china collides-put two high-grade bone china bowls on your flat hands to collide, pay attention, Bone china is a porcelain fired at a high temperature. The hardness is very high. This kind of collision will not be damaged. You can collide with a little harder. The high-grade bone china will emit as crisp as a bell after collision. The sound of “clang” is echoed, and the echo time is longer, while other porcelains make a dull “ding” sound, and there is basically no echo.

Post time: Dec-10-2020

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